Nest notes 7/7/16

Images courtesy-thank you

7/7/16 – Well, it appears that Hr 2 has left the nest also, as we have not seen an eaglet on cam since last night, but we don’t know exactly what happened. I was traveling yesterday and only had internet connection for brief periods for most of the day. It is possible that Hr 2 was still in the nest tree, but there was a brief visit to the nest this morning and a longer visit this afternoon by an adult, neither times included food, and neither time was a juvenile seen, so my guess is Hr 2 is being fed off the tree.

After a long season of nest watching and long hours of straining your eyes to try to find an eaglet behind the leaves, sometimes you start to see things, patterns in the bark that look like a face, an arrangement of leaves that looks like a fish, etc., somewhat like finding shapes in the passing clouds. Well last night there was a light flashing under the nest that was reminiscent of a beating heart. If you are the type to find ‘signs’ in things like this, you can think of it as the pounding heart of the eaglets starting off on their new adventures in  life!

Light looks like heart under Harmar nest 7/6/16
Light looks like heart under Harmar nest 7/6/16

One thought on “Nest notes 7/7/16

  1. I think it looks like a beating heart, Thank You for finding it for us, We all at Harmar real do Love you E5. Thank You for helping our eagles and us this year we could not have done it with out you.


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