Nest notes 7/25/16 Missing the eaglets?

Images courtesy-thank you

7/25/16 – Have you been missing the Harmar eaglets? I dug way back to three weeks ago to find some footage I have not yet shared of the Harmar eaglets when they were still nest-bound.

The Harmar eaglets played games and amused themselves by wingercising. Of course, a good part of the day was spent loafing around too, and waiting for food to arrive, or maybe daydreaming about flying!

Hr 3 stands at nest's edge on 7/3/16
Hr 3 stands at nest’s edge on 7/3/16

In the early morning light they search for scraps of food in the nest and challenge each other while flapping around the nest, and even bicker while waiting for second-breakfast. Maybe that is why this time the female remained on the nest and ate with the eaglets. Later the eaglets went back to wingercising and playing stick games.

I hope you enjoyed this little look back to the last days the eaglets had in the nest before fledging, because I still have a few more videos to share!


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