7/30/16 – Update on Chessie Osprey and Sydney Sea-eagle

7/30/16 – Have you been thinking about Chessie, the young Osprey chick that Audrey and Tom fledged from the Chesapeake Conservancy cam? Chessie fledged just over a week ago and can still be seen on cam. Here are some highlights from the first few days after he fledged: take-offs and landings from the first day after fledging, refining his skills on the next day, plus braving a storm, and smartly hunkering down as things got stormier. Thank you Chesapeake Conservancy for providing these images.

Audrey and Chessie 7/22/16
Audrey and Chessie 7/22/16

If you haven’t tuned into the Sydney White-bellied Sea Eagle Cam yet you are just in time! Yesterday in the early hours of the day SE 17 pipped and hatched, with the adults giving us several viewings before the first feeding. The first feeding took quite some time as both Lady and SE 17 were presumably both new to this, but the subsequent feedings went more quickly (second, third, fourth, fifth).

Sydney White-bellied sea eagle waiting for hatch on 7/29/16
Sydney White-bellied sea eagle waiting for hatch on 7/29/16

In the wee hours of this morning we got another peek at the pip in SE 18’s egg. At dawn Lady gave us a peek at SE 18 as he kicked his way out of the shell. Lady kept SE 17 busy with a feeding.

Sydney Sea-eagle's pip 18 on 7/30/16
Sydney Sea-eagle’s pip 18 on 7/30/16

If that is not enough to get you hooked, their chat room mods are very informative and the cam’s website is also very informative, so please explore the tabs to find out all about the nest!


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