8/5/16 – When will the juvies leave?

8/5/16 – We are still getting reports of the Harmar juveniles being seen on the hillside near the nest, but we don’t know how much longer this will happen. EagleStreamer, who watches the Hays eagles in person and visits the trail almost daily, reports the Hays juvies may have left the area. Remember, the Hays eaglets fledged about three weeks ahead of the Harmar eaglets, but the Harmar juvies are likely not going to stick around too much longer. If you live in the area and are thinking of seeing them, you had better go soon! Thank you to chatter jamary for sending this photo of one of the juvies carrying grass to the nest! Already practicing nest building skills, how about that?

Harmar juvie carrying grass on 8/3/16
Harmar juvie carrying grass on 8/3/16

If you remember back to when the Harmar eaglets fledged, we saw Hr 3 leave the nest on July 5th, but on the afternoon of July 6th Hr 2 disappeared, but we did not know if the eaglet had fledged, or just gone off cam, as we had a very limited view of the nest at that point. On July 7th, the Harmar female visited the nest and neither of the juvies appeared. At that point we strongly suspected that Hr 2 had fledged also. We did have a field report of one juvie being seen sitting high in the nest tree, then flying to an adult in the roost tree and making a nice landing (thanks Gerry!). It wasn’t until July 8th that Hr 2 returned to the nest, confirming that he indeed fledged! Later, the female makes a food drop and Hr 2 returns to claim the food. Soon Hr 3 returns also, confirming that both eaglets are fine after fledging. The next day they are still having meals on the nest, here Hr 3 eats while Hr 2 shows us a take-off and fly-by. Sometimes the juvies were even returning to the nest to simply hang out. When food is around, Hr 2 often pounced first, here he stays true to form when the male makes a food drop on the nest. When Hr 3 arrives and wants in on the meal, Hr 2 is not ready to give it up just yet.

Make sure to check out the pictures that chatters annette and jamary sent from the field. I will continue to pass on reports of the juvies as long as I continue to get them.



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