9/21/16 – An eagle named Challenger

Images © 2016 American Eagle Foundation, www.eagles.org, who has taken on the responsibility to care and provide for Challenger, as well as many other Bald eagles and other raptors, thank you AEF!

Challenger approaches overhead 9/11/16
Challenger approaches overhead 9/11/16

9/21/16 – Challenger  is a 27 year old Bald eagle who was born wild but imprinted on his rescuers when he was a young chick. He was released twice, but did not know how to hunt, instead he sought out humans for food. Challenger was named in honor of the fallen space shuttle crew, and he was trained to be an ambassador for his species. He is used in educational programs, but has also been trained to perform  a truly amazing feat: he flies free during the Star Spangled Banner!

Challenger flies overhead 9/11/16
Challenger flies overhead 9/11/16

He has performed in a variety of settings, including sports stadiums, national events, and even on the David Letterman Show!

Challenger at the reflecting pools
Challenger at the reflecting pools

This year, on the 15th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, Challenger flew during the opening of the Baltimore Ravens vs. Buffalo Bills game.

Challenger lands at the opening of the football game on 9/11/16
Challenger lands at the opening of the football game on 9/11/16

And if you ever wondered how you fly with an eagle, Nat Geo Wild explains!

Learn more about the American Eagle Foundation and their mission to protect Bald eagles.

And don’t forget, AEF NEFL Eagle Cam is now live for the upcoming 2016-2017 season! Hooray, Romeo and Juliette are back and starting off the season!


2 thoughts on “9/21/16 – An eagle named Challenger

  1. What a great way to end our 2016 Eagle season with a eagle flying high over a event for 9/11. Hoping everyone will now help save all our Eagles and our planet . Thank you E5


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