10/26/16 – Eagle documentaries

10/26/16 – Wow, it has been an entire month since my last post? Time flies past as I try to catch up on things that were postponed during ‘Eagle season’!

As some of you have seen our nest camera on the Harmar nest has been knocked out of position, this has been reported and the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania will send someone out to check on it.

Some Bald eagle nest cameras have begun broadcasting for the upcoming season, including Decorah, SWFL, and NEFL.

But for those of you interested in watching and learning some more about Bald eagles and other eagles and an owl too, I have assembled a list of documentaries that I have enjoyed watching many times over. You may have already seen some of these, as they have all been broadcast on various cable and network channels in the past.

Screen shot of Bald eagle pair in nest courtesy of Nat Geo Wild American eagle documentary
Screen shot of Bald eagle pair in nest courtesy of Nat Geo Wild American eagle documentary

American Eagle Documentary by Nat Geo Wild or here {This is the classic story of the Bald eagle}

National Geographic Destination Wild: The Eagles/Queen of the Skies {This is about many different eagles, focusing much of the time on the White-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) and Stellar’s Sea-eagle (Haliaeetus pelagicus) which are close relatives of the Bald eagle. Nice comparison of different feeding techniques that different eagles use.}

Nature: The Harpy eagle {Wow, this is a rare look into one of the coolest birds there is and I could not find this video last time I searched for it, so watch it while it is there! These eagles always bring forth the image of early dinosaur-like birds in my mind.}

The Black Eagle {These eagles live a tough life in the desert interior of southern Africa, the outcome reflects the harshness of life but is not entirely without hope, and includes some great footage of a rarely filmed eagle}

Nature: Snowy Owl {This is such a great documentary that I had to include it. Snowy owls were occasionally seen by my mother when she was a child living in Buffalo, but I have never seen one. As you will learn though they do still occasionally show themselves, but a sighting is far more rare than a Bald eagle sighting is}

Nature Ultimate Guide to Birds of Prey {This cool show includes many types of raptors, and has lots of information, including how researchers studied their eyesight, owl hearing, how birds evolved from dinosaurs, how different wing shapes help birds fly in different ways, and it has a nice description of the tendon-locking mechanism}

If you don’t have time for a full-length documentary but would like to watch some shorter clips here are some highlights, many are pulled from the longer videos

Harpy and Crested eagle caught on camera in the canopy of the Amazon Rainforest! This is awesome footage captured with a trail camera.

*Icy eagle feast on the Mississippi, *Hardcore hunter, *Eagles Gone Fishing, *Harpy Eagle hunting

Bald eagle calling screen shot courtesy of Nat Geo Wild American eagle documentary
Bald eagle calling screen shot courtesy of Nat Geo Wild American eagle documentary

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