1/6/17 – Visit to Sea-EagleCAM

1/6/17 – I have just visited with Geoff Hutchinson, a researcher at the Sea-EagleCAM who is studying the White-bellied Sea-Eagles that are nesting at the Sydney Olympic Park. Geoff is responsible for providing the nest camera and live streaming of the video to the public. I had a wonderful visit learning about the research that they are doing and have several new ideas to incorporate into our research of the Harmar and Hays Bald Eagles for the upcoming season.

White-bellied Sea-Eagles (Haliaeetus leucogaster) are closely related to Bald Eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) and share a similar lifestyle. You can learn more about White-bellied Sea-Eagles from their website, and be sure to explore the information provided about the research they are doing.

During our visit the pair was sitting side by side on their fishing tree and I snapped these pictures.

Sydney Sea Eagles in their fishing tree 1/6/17
Sydney Sea Eagles in their fishing tree 1/6/17
Sea Eagles up close 1/6/17
Sydney Sea Eagles up close 1/6/17