2/27/17 – Harmar’s turn for an egg!

2/27/17 – Well, after dark this evening the Harmar female returned to the nest while no one was watching and she now appears to be incubating an egg! Since this happened after dark, when no one was watching, we will have to see if footage is available to be reviewed later, so it is unclear at this time exactly when this happened, but it seems to have occurred between 8pm and 8:42pm. EagleStreamer was kind enough to set up this HatchWatch Clock for us. If footage does become available I will be sure to pass it on for everyone.

Annette Devinney captured this shot of the Harmar eagles a few days ago, thanks for sharing, Annette!
Annette Devinney captured this photo of the Harmar eagles on 2/26/17, thanks for sharing, Annette!

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