4/8/17 – Finally, a glimpse of Hr 5!

4/8/17 – At long last…viewers have been anxiously awaiting to catch a glimpse of a second eaglet in the Harmar Bald Eagle’s nest, and it seems like the long wait is finally over!

Look closely inside the circle to glimpse an eaglet. 4/8/17

This screen shot captures one eaglet, but you should be able to see both Hr 4 and Hr 5 in this video of a feeding from this afternoon if you watch for movement where the circle indicates. The very end of the video shows a close-up of a brief clip of some typical sibling interaction.

My guess is Hr 5 made its way out of the shell overnight, or in the very early hours of 4/8/17, as there was no indication of an attempt to feed the second eaglet until this afternoon.



4/5/17 – A glimpse of Hr 4

4/5/17 – The Harmar eagles gave us a brief glimpse of the new eaglet this morning. It is hard to know what you are looking at in this screen shot, but the circle lets you know where to look for movement in the video.

First glimpse of Hr 4 on 4/5/17

Also, there was an attempt at a first feeding just a bit later in the morning. It does not appear very much food made it into the little eaglet on this attempt, but that is normal. After the remainder of the nutrition from the yolk is used the eaglet should become more successful in feeding.

4/4/17 – Hr 4 seems to have arrived on 4/4!

4/4/17 – This evening at 6:28 pm EagleStreamer saw an egg shell being removed from the nest bowl at the Harmar nest. It seems there has been a hatch! We have yet to see any feedings, however both the male and female have ‘considered’ it. There is food on the nest and they have gone to the food and looked into the nest bowl several times.

Harmar female removes what appears to be egg shell on 4/4/17

Here is a video of the event, and I will be sure to post more videos once we see a feeding and actually get a sighting of the chick.

Another peek at what appears to be egg shell from Hr 4, taken on 4/4/17.

Here is a great close-up:

Close-up of egg shell in female’s beak 4/4/17

4/3/17 – Eaglet season in Pittsburgh

4/3/17 – Eaglet season is upon us in Pittsburgh. At the Harmar nest we have seen behavior that looks like the adults ‘listening’ in the nest bowl. This may be an indication that hatching is imminent. Keep your eyes on the camera on the nest for signs of feeding to let us know that a hatch has occurred.

Also, it seems the Hays female surprised us with more eggs than we knew about. After the nest tree fell, the pair rapidly re-built a new nest. Nest building is a bonding ritual that can boost the hormonal surge, and apparently, combined with the loss of the previous eggs, was enough to keep the female ovulating. With all the great photographers in the area, I suspect there will be solid evidence of this coming soon.